Meet our team


Prosthodontist and Implantologist Orthodontist
Dr. Venkatesh Anand Dr. Arun A.V
Dr. Harshita Girish Dr. Prachi Adsul
Dr. Sonal Saumya Dr. Laxmi Nair
Cosmetic Dental Surgeons Oral Physician
Dr. Poornima Karthik Dr. Annaji
Dr. Jayashree Vaman Endodontist
Dr. Rahila K Dr. Chitra
 Dr. Suhail Syed Dr. Kanthi
  Dr. Ritika Gupta  Dr. Sravani
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons pedodontist
Dr. Veerender Kumar  Dr. Julia Okram
Dr. Rizwan  Dr. Farida
 Dr. Rohit Prasad

We believe that providing the best dental treatments requires time, quality materials and experience

  • We believe that prevention is better than cure
  • We believe that all patients should be treated with respect and dignity
  • We believe that no patient should be treated in a way that we ourselves would not want to be treated
  • We  believe a happy working atmosphere provides the perfect environment in which to deliver quality dentistry